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Appalachian Gold

The Appalachian Mountains greatly benefits from increased promotion and tourism. Appalachian Gold, a new outerwear clothing and accessory brand, aims to join the group effort. The mountains here are far older and rounder than the younger, larger notable mountains found within the world. The scenic sunsets are out of this world, some even call it ‘Appalachian Gold.’

With the brand’s mission in mind, I designed the visual identity of the brand; including logo variations, color palettes, guidelines for digital and print designs, advertisements, webpages, products, and packaging.

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Resin Reservoir

Resin Reservoir is a small start-up in the large world of cannabis and hemp products. With a market flooded with various brands, Resin Reservoir wanted their brand to speak for itself, stand out on store shelves, and to be easily recognizable to their customers.

In tandem with the brand creators, I designed the visual identity including: logo, variations, color palettes, design guidelines, package designs, digital and physical ads, and merchandise items.

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Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a nationwide casual dining restaurant that offers Italian-American cuisine. Recently, they have began selling their Signature Salad Dressings in retail stores. Olive Garden does not yet sell their delicious pasta in stores. This is an original packaging concept for Olive Garden.

Most pasta brands have their linguine in a long rectangular box while the other smaller pasta shapes have are housed in a smaller package. What if the packaging matched each other? I applied the Olive Garden logo to a new comprehensive package design, created real life mock-ups, and shot my own product photography.

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Cithr is an American/Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and musical producer. During the creation of his first EP, he contacted me to be involved in creating the designs for his upcoming debut. Cithr’s notable collaborations: 5v, YungJZAisDead, Adharmasatru, Safehold, Pnut, SEBii, Trippythakid, Le Play, dxsh, ggravee, and Scryer.

From a combination of Cithr’s musical sound and visual ideas, I was able to design an appropriate artist logo, representative album artworks, advertisements, and merchandising for performances and tours.

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Blue Ridge Figure Skating

During my branding course in college, Blue Ridge Figure Skating Club challenged my class to design their new logo. After three dozen of various designs were presented, my design was selected by the team and their director as the club’s new identity.

After designing the logo, I was tasked with creating other visual identity assets such as: logo variations, design guidelines, digital and print advertisements, merchandise, and team uniforms.

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SafeShield Inc.

SafeShield Inc. operates SafeShield Security, a new home system that helps to monitor and prevent them during real time. With full outdoor and indoor security cameras and alarm systems that deters and repels crime from lurkers and burglars – your home is always protected.

I was able to create the visual identity and apply the SafeShield logo to many products and designs. These designs include ephemera, internal brand materials, product advertising, product packaging, signage, and loads more.

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Lipton Premium Tea

Lipton is one of the biggest tea brands in the world and they sell many products within retail stores. During a recent trip, I tried a premium tea that was amazing. It had me thinking, what if Lipton offered a premium tea? I’m talking top notch tea that wouldn’t be thrown into the seas! I would never throw Lipton tea into anywhere other than my belly!

I redesigned the Lipton logo, keeping the sun element and adding others. Then I applied the logo to a brand new package design that is housed in a strong, premium container. Furthermore, I created brand guidelines for the product line if-soever a new addition comes along.

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La Croix / Hard Seltzer

La Croix is known for their carbonated and flavored water beverages and appeals to a wide target audience of young-to-middle aged people. What if they were to expand their product range and capitalize on this prime target range? Presenting the all new (concept) Hard Seltzer by La Croix.

I redesigned the logo for La Croix with a minimalist design approach, appealing to the target demographic. Also, I designed these packages and created real life mock-ups and shot the product photography with my Canon 80D.

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Shake Head Milkshakes

Shake Head Milkshakes is a mobile ice cream vendor that is famously known for their tasty milkshakes! Their ice cream carts and milkshake trucks bring the treats right to you! Shake Head was in search of a character for their brand identity and together we created the Shake Head mascot.

I redesigned their truck & cart wraps, packaging, website, social media pages, and established new brand guidelines. Shake Head is not shy when it comes to applying their new logo to items. I am grateful to be receiving new gifts from them. Thank you Shake Heads! 🙂

View the full project here.

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